New App ‘Mush’ launches in Manchester for mums to connect

A new app has launched in Manchester, with the aim of tackling post-partum loneliness and reducing isolation by bringing mums together on ‘dates’.

HALF of UK mums find it hard to make other local mum friends, and sixty per cent can go an entire day without adult interaction, according to a 2017 survey from Mush, the number one social app for mums. 50% of mums go to the supermarket purely in search of adult company.

Mush – standing for Mums Social Hub and introduced in London a little over a year ago – has now come to Manchester with the aim of creating a support network for mums across the city and surrounding areas, helping them to meet other, like-minded mum friends.

Dubbed ‘Tinder for mums’, Mush works in a similar way to dating apps, allowing users to create a profile detailing the area of the city they live in, ages of their kids and their interests (both as a parent and as an individual) – everything from getting outdoors and breastfeeding to being a rock fan or foodie. The app then brings users together with other compatible mums nearby.

It also provides a local chat hub where mums can find out what’s going on in their area, ask for advice and arrange child-friendly group meets to help them make real-life connections. These get togethers are now taking place regularly across the city and surrounding areas.3


Andrea Tarpey, from Chorlton, is mum to five-month old Bobby and using the app to meet other mums nearby.

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“Becoming a mum is such a huge life change – all of a sudden you’re on a totally different schedule to your pre-baby days. You’re at home in the day and probably not able to head out most evenings to catch up with friends. Being at home with a baby by yourself all day has the potential to be really lonely if you don’t know others in a similar position.

“Mush has given me the opportunity to meet some lovely mums through Mush that I probably wouldn’t have got to know otherwise.

“Meeting others with new babies has been so important for me and made my experience as a new mum really positive. Aside from giving you adult conversation and company, it’s been great to have a group of friends who can reassure you that the whole range of new experiences you’re going through as a mum are normal, and offer advice along the way.”

Download the Mush app here: