New support group to help parents help their children with mental health issues

Two resourceful mothers from Little Hulton are launching a support group for parents with children who have mental health issues, having recognised a need.

Alison Gresty, who has a 12-year-old daughter suffering from anxiety and Jayne Nickeas, whose daughter has learning difficulties, both realised that being able to give their daughters the appropriate support was a struggle at times. Together, they felt there was a need for parents in this situation to have somewhere where they can share experiences and get help and support from each other.

Eager to fill this gap, they approached 42nd Street and Salford Clinical Commissioning Group for help, and now they are ready to launch a new self-help group for parents of children with mental health issues.

Alison, a qualified mentor, said: “It was quite clear to me that although my daughter was getting help at school, I did not feel able to help her at home as I didn’t understand how to deal with her anxiety, and I felt that some kind of support network would be of great benefit.”

The group aims to offer support, advice and experience to parents of children who suffer with a wide range of issues, for example, anxiety, self-harm and eating disorders, to name but a few.

Fortnightly sessions are being offered to parents to help them understand the issues their children are suffering, in an informal, friendly environment.


“We are hoping to ease the stigma that parents feel around their children’s mental health and help them understand what their children are experiencing, so that they can better support their child and help them to flourish”, said Alison.

“We are determined to make this a success as we both feel it is vital to help our children. “

The group will launch on 9 May and will be called SHARE – Support, Help And Reassure Each other.

The first session will be held at the Community Hub, 27 – 29, Little Hulton District Centre on Wednesday 9 May from 1pm – 2.30pm and will focus on anxiety and depression. The second and third sessions will look at self-harm awareness and gender awareness.

If you feel you could benefit from this support group, then come along to the first session, or you can find out more about SHARE from Alison at share.littlehult[email protected]

Although the group is based in Little Hulton, parents from outside the area are welcome to attend.