Northern MP’s to send letter to Boris Johnson

The government is facing growing pressure from over 50 northern Tory MP’s who want to see a change to the Homes England housing formula, which they accuse of being biased towards the south.

The Northern Research Group are gathering signatures to hold the government to their pledge to ‘Level Up’ the North of England.

Part of the letter, seen by Manchester Gazette, says: “The funding formula used by Homes England for the Housing Infrastructure Fund – the so-called ’80-20′ Rule’ – was structurally biased against the North, with the majority of the funding being channeled towards the South East of England, the most affluent part of the country and by extension the area least in need of the funding support it has been receiving.


One member who has signed the letter told us: “This government promised to Level Up the whole of Britain. Rethinking the funding formula will send a clear message to our constituents that they will not be left behind.

“If the government accepts our proposals, no part of Britain will be left behind.”


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