One in five Greater Manchester drivers have no insurance

Greater Manchester Police have removed 4,545 vehicles off the road this year so far for either having no insurance or driving licence

‘Operation Wolverine’ has seized more than 4,500 cars for either having no insurance, no driving licence, or in some cases, neither.

Recent figures show that one in five drivers in Greater Manchester have no insurance, making it one of the highest offending regions in the UK. One in ten drivers are deemed to be illegal in some way – almost twice the national average.

Greater Manchester Police say figures like this are bad news for insurance prices.

Specialist Operations Chief Inspector Tariq Butt warned that they have “a direct effect on insurance premiums, which in turn make insuring a car in the GMP [Greater Manchester Police] area significantly higher when compared to other areas in the UK.


“Such statistics mean that law abiding residents in the GMP area are affected by the activities of these illegal drivers on a daily basis, either directly, as a result of being involved in an Road Traffic Collision (RTC), or indirectly as a result of increased insurance premiums.”

Greater Manchester Police Officers are seeking to tackle the problem by removing illegal and uninsured drivers from the roads and, with one month to go, have already seized 4,545 vehicles so far this year.

Manchester Liberal Democrat councillor and road safety campaigner, John Leech, expressed his support for the campaign adding: “It is totally unfair that struggling families and young people who dream of owning their first car are saddled with the extra burden of increased insurance costs because of careless criminals out to try and beat the system.

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“Driving without insurance or a licence is unnecessarily putting countless lives in serious danger – Greater Manchester Police are doing an excellent job and I will continue to support them, and this operation, in any way I can.”

Mr. Butt added: “From personal experience the vast majority of GMP’s motoring public welcome and fully support our actions.”

Of the 4,545 illegal vehicles, 2,597 had no insurance, 377 had no licence and 1,571 had neither. In 2016, the force picked up 5,047 illegal motorists.