Piccadilly Councillors Secure £10,000 For Safer Sex Campaign

Following news that the LGBT Foundation’s funding relationship with Manchester Pride for the provision of safer sex materials has ended, Piccadilly Councillors Adele Douglas, Sam Wheeler, and Jon Connor Lyons have secured £10,000 in funding to help the Foundation’s work continue. 

The money will come from Manchester City Council’s Neighbourhood Investment Fund which allocates funding to community priorities in each ward in Manchester. 

The Foundation’s scheme, which provides safer sex materials free at the point of use, has been running for almost 30 years and costs around £40,000 annually, with each pack costing around £0.39p. 

The Village Licensing and Business Associate have also set up a GoFund me page, raising so far £37,000 for both the LGBT Foundation and George House Trust. 

The LGBT Foundation said in their application for the £10,000 from the local Councillors “Since announcing Manchester Pride are no-longer supporting the scheme, there has been a lot of press and community attention, and considerable upset from the local LGBT community around the security of the life changing schemes future.” 


“In order to continue keeping LGBTQ+ communities safe, we’re seeking funding to ensure we can continue to run the scheme and distribute in a range of outlets across the city centre and predominantly in the ‘Village’ area”. 

Cllr Adele Douglas said, “By being free at the point of use these services help the most vulnerable. The LGBT Foundation’s work has saved lives over the last thirty years and I’m proud we can support them during this period as they seek new funding.” 

Cllr Sam Wheeler said, “This is a proven project in terms of public health outcomes, and where we should be targeting resources for best value. We have seen the public and local businesses step up after the change to the funding relationship, and with this pledge Manchester City Council will continue its historic support for our LGBT+ community.” 

Cllr Jon Connor Lyons said, “Having LGBT+ councillors ensures that these vital issues are heard and solutions found quickly. This is why representation is vital, particularly in wards such as Piccadilly which contains our world-famous Gay Village. I’m glad we could get such a swift and significant result.” 

The application was submitted on Monday 9th August 2021 and approved on Tuesday 10th August 2021. The Piccadilly Councillors urge the community and allies to donate to the GoFund me page. 


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