Rabbi Arnold Saunders Plans to Turn Salford Blue with City Mayor Bid

Arnold Saunders, councillor for Kersal, has entered the Salford City Mayor race, with plans to turn the borough blue.

Elected in 2017, he was the first first Tory to win an inner-city ward in over two decades, becoming the catalyst for breaking the so-called ‘red wall’.

He then ran in 2019 for the Worsley and Eccles South Parliamentary constituency, narrowly losing to incumbent Barbara Keeley, but adding it to the list of increasingly marginal seats across Manchester authorities.

He is married to Myrella, a primary school teacher in Salford, and a rabbi by profession, serving as senior minister at a Salford Synagogue, and as Jewish Chaplain to HM Forces.

If elected he will focus on ‘jabs and jobs’, helping to continue the incredible roll out of jabs, and exploiting post-Brexit and post pandemic opportunities to bring jobs and business to Salford.

He will also work to protect Salford’s ‘Green Belt’, improve Salford’s streetscene, reduce crime, improve public transport, and keep Council Tax as low as possible.

Arnie claims to be the only known  politician to be allergic to money! Among his various allergies, he has been medically diagnosed (at Salford-Royal) to be allergic to nickel-a major component of coins.

In an unprecedented move, nine Salford Labour councillors have announced they are retiring from the council.

It’s rumoured this is due to fears they are going to lose seats across the city.

A Green Belt campaigner told the Gazette the Labour Party are ‘finished’ in Irlam and Cadishead.

Sources within the Salford Labour machine have revealed the entire group is ‘on edge’, and described Mayor Paul Dennett as a ‘chocolate teapot’.