Report into GMP’s IOPS System makes key recommendations

A report by HMICFRS has made nine recommendations for the force to improve the flagship iOPS System.

The new IT System by Capita came under fire after a string of officers criticised the platform on social media, some accusing the Chief Constable of negligence.

Ian Hopkins, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, has since been absent from twitter, apparently deactivating his twitter account.

What is iOPS?

iOPS is a computer system from Capita’s public safety division.

The company provide digital services to Police, Fire, Ambulance, Coastguard, and utility companies.

Why do they need iOPS?

The new system has featured heavily in the Manchester Evening News, becoming a staple of Jennifer Williams current affairs section, but few have delved into reasons for the switch.

The old system used by GMP was over 30-years old, leading the force to finally commit to a modern system.

Many other forces have been forced to make similar switches, with the Met finally replacing their CAD system.

Are the failures isolated to GMP?

Contrary to popular belief, forces using systems from different suppliers have also been riddled with issues.


The Metropolitan Police cancelled their lauded ‘Command and Control’ system by Northrop Grumman as there was  “no prospect of a finished product being delivered” in time.

The Met eventually went with Northgate’s system in a £44m contract.

This was covered extensively by the BBC, with claims it was ‘not fit for purpose’.

Issues like these have impacted forces across the country, with legacy systems being replaced by modern software.

Another delayed project nationally is the Emergency Services Network, the replacement for the current TETRA radio system.

GMP’s Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said: “GMP’s legacy information system had been subject to many years of negative comment in HMICFRS Inspection from our staff.

This was because they were decades old, not sustainable and there was significant risk of catastrophic failure.

These systems were creating significant risks for the public and officers alike because of inaccurate data and the risk of catastrophic failure.”

Is it all bad news?

One new piece of technology which hasn’t featured in the local media is GMP’s new website.

The new platform by CDS was first launched by the Metropolitan Police and then procured to forces around the country.

The content management system uses secure forms for visitors to report crimes and apply for licenses directly through the website.

This has become GMP’s busiest police station, with live chat features and neighbourhood portals.


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