Sale residents welcome Labour U-turn on Crossford Bridge

The news that Labour-led Trafford Council is scrapping plans to build a huge stadium on green space land at Crossford Bridge in Sale has been welcomed by local residents and Trafford Conservatives.

The plans would have seen a 12,000+ seat stadium being built and came out of the blue to many including the clubs that are already on the site.

The site is well used and home to Sale United Football Club, Sale Harriers and Old Alts, who together enjoys memberships of over 1,000 children, 200 volunteer coaches, 12 schools and is also used by over 2000 children every week.

The local community in Sale came together against the proposals and more than 4,500 residents signed a petition asking Trafford Council to abandon the plans.

The main concerns of residents were the loss of green space and the impact on wildlife, environment and the surrounding area.

Local campaigner Rob Duncan said “Local residents including myself are hugely relieved that the plans for the unwelcome stadium have been scrapped.


Residents were rightly worried about the increase in cars, coaches, litter, noise and pollution that would have come about should the plans have proceeded.

It is also interesting to note that Labour cited one of the reasons for the U-turn to be the potential for loss of green belt land.

Hopefully that means that Labour will protect all the green belt land in Trafford including that at Carrington Moss and Timperley Wedge.

“This is the latest U-turn from Trafford Council following the removal of most of the unwanted traffic cones on the A56 and mostly abandoned plans to turn some residential roads into cul-de-sacs.

It also follows the fiasco from Labour’s changes to bin collections which is still seeing missed bin collections for many residents.

“Labour is aggravating Trafford residents through ill-thought through policies and having been at the forefront of the campaign to save Crossford Bridge, I would encourage Trafford residents to take a stand with me against this council and its reckless policies which it is keen to impose with minimal consultation and irrespective of the impact on the people of Trafford.”


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