Sale Sharks Enter Into Consultation on Stadium Plans

Sale Sharks have broadcast they want to come home to Sale. Their proposed move is to Crossford Bridge Playing fields.

This move came out of the blue to many including the clubs that are already on the site.

The site is well used and home to Sale United United Football Club, Sale Harriers and Old Alts, which together enjoys memberships of over 1.1k children, 200 volunteer coaches, 12 schools and is also used by over 2000 children every week.

Rob Duncan Conservative Candidate for Priory Ward who is working with the clubs says: “On top of the clubs that play on Crossford bridge playing field, there is the long history and love the community have for the green space. 

The site is Green Belt, used by dog walkers, families and known for its wildlife.

All this will be affected if this goes ahead, add this to the planned infrastructure, buildings and match day traffic”.  


Sale Sharks are propoosing to build a 12,000 +  capacity stadium.  “It’s clear that much of the present green space will be taken up with car parking, an issue that is suffered by Sale Sharks at their present stadium.

One can only imagine the increase in cars, coaches, litter, noise and pollution that will come hand in hand with this proposal and blight the lives of the residents” 

Rob says: “The clubs are not seeking to halt the return of Sale Sharks to Sale but that the Save Crossford Bridge campaigners are seeking for meaningful consultation with all interested parties to find an alternative site which will be mutually beneficial to both local communities and Sale Sharks”

Statement from Crossford Futures, Old Altrinchamiams FC, Sale Harriers Manchester, Sale Sharks and Sale United FC:

“We can confirm all parties have now entered into early dialogue around the vision for the potential development of Crossford Bridge and intend to hold preliminary discussions as part of a more detailed consultation which will take place in the coming weeks. Our shared priority is ensuring that all involved, including the clubs, local residents and the wider community benefit from any proposals for the site.

“We would like to reiterate that no solutions will be put forward in the second phase of consultation in the autumn that do not meet with the approval from all of the parties involved, especially Sale United FC, Sale Harriers Manchester and Old Altrinchamians FC. Local residents and all the children who enjoy the current facilities will then have an opportunity to provide significant feedback as part of that second phase of consultation.”


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