Salford Councillors vote in favour of Modern Slavey motion

At the Council meeting on Wednesday 10th October City Salford City Council passed a motion to tackle Modern Slavery.

Cllr Jim King who proposed the motion said, “the Slavery still stalks our world, our nation and our city.”

In his speech Cllr King referenced the good work by the Co-operative Group where they have worked with City Hearts, a charity and set up Bright Future.

The Co-op Group has now placed 30 emancipated slavers into work placements on full pay through the Bright Future scheme.


He also referenced the work of the Co-op Party which is spearheading this campaign nationwide.

The ILO estimates the number of slaves world wide as over 40m with some 13,000 in the UK.

“Slaves can be working in plain sight – on farms, building sites, car washes, hotels. Cannabis factories or running County lines for drug overlords.”

The motion was seconded by Cllr Kate Lewis and all political parties spoke and voted in favour.


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