Salford Labour U-turn on Green Space

Salford Conservatives have slammed the ruling Labour party after a U-turn over green space.

The Labour controlled council approved only a partial Local Plan, which left out precious green space previously earmarked for protection.

It is understood the areas were omitted, leaving them vulnerable to development, following objections from a large local land owner and developers.

Land omitted from Local Plan

1.      The Meadow, Broughton

2.      Brickfield Wood, Walkden

3.      Three Sisters, Eccles

4.      Blackleach Country Park, Walkden

5.      Roe Green, Worsley

6.      Land at Beesley Green and Kempnough Brook, Worsley

7.      Worsley Woods, Old Warke Dam and Aviary Field, Worsley

8.      Broadoak South, Worsley

9.      Dukes Drive, Worsley

10.  Worsley Green, Worsley


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