Salford Mayor Branded hypocrite over Political Assistant Row

The Mayor of Salford has been branded a hypocrite over a the use of political assistants in Salford.

During the Salford Council Meeting, the issue of political assistants was raised by the Tory Opposition.

Both Labour and Conservative are entitled to employ an Assistant under the Local Government and Housing Act 1989, at a cost of £34,986 each.

Labour Mayor Paul Dennett raised concerns about the opposition “pursuing the matter at this point in time”, referencing the impact of Covid-19 on Salford’s budget.

Dennett Said: “I find it interesting in the middle of a pandemic that the opposition are exercising their statutory rights.”

“…our position is that we don’t support this and we would ask the opposition to reconsider doing this course of action…”

But it has since been revealed that the Labour Mayor, Paul Dennett, employs his own political assistant under 2002 regulations.


The description and salary of the Mayor’s assistant has never been revealed publicly.

It appears the Paul Dennett is quite happy for public money to be used during a crisis for his own political aid.

One social media user branded the Mayor a ‘fake socialist’ on facebook.

Salford currently spends £769,848.57 on councillor allowances, and an additional £241,003.02 on special allowances, mostly going to Labour cabinet members.

Conservative Leader Les Turner Said:” We have a City Mayor with a Political Assistant paid out of the public purse… you’ve got a whole host of tools there.”

“What it will do is help my members hold up to account the City Mayor and his executive and of course make sure that the people of Salford get a more balanced view of what the Government is doing to make their lives better. It will be a real positive for Salford.”


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