Stop Shutting Streets Campaign launched

With around 40,000,000 vehicles on Great Britain’s streets and a 10.4% increase in traffic on major roads from 2009 to 2019 (Source: DfT National Road Traffic Survey), our streets and roads are coming under ever-increasing pressure.

Despite this, the powers that be are reducing road space across the land and we believe is a major misjudgement. Have disabled passengers that require door-to-door transport been considered when an existing road is converted into an empty cycle lane? What about ambulances trying to reach critically ill patients that get caught up in additional traffic backing up from the latest street closure?

There are a lot of unanswered questions here, therefore our request is remarkably simple – ‘Stop Shutting Streets!’

Although this campaign has been setup by the Licensed Private Hire Car Association and Private Hire News, road closures can affect all motorists. They hit those even harder who are trying to earn a living on the streets, like the many brave Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) drivers connected to our organisations who have been out on the frontline moving doctors, nurses and many other important people around despite the dangers of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our aim is for ‘Stop Shutting Streets’ to be a unified campaign, shared amongst a coalition of road-users from all backgrounds. Please help spread the message by signing our petition, sharing the campaign on social media using the #StopShuttingStreets hashtag and help make sure the voice of road-users is heard loud and clear.

Steve Wright MBE – Chairman of the LPHCA said:

Street closures and streetscape reductions have proven to be traffic-generating and unenvironmentally friendly UK-wide. The widely condemned closure of streets, reduced road space and imposition of poorly planned streetscape schemes, without appropriate consultation and impact assessments, is in our view one of the primary reasons for increased poor air quality.

Furthermore, this causes problems picking-up and dropping-off disabled people, the elderly and the vulnerable at many destinations where a Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) or Taxi could usually take them to. The policy is not only compromising those dependent on ‘door-to-door’ services, it is failing to meet one of its primary alleged objectives of improving social distancing.

Many passengers that would be getting straight in to / out of a PHV or Taxi, often after dark, are having to walk great distances and pass many others who are out and about. Not only does this compromise public safety, it compromises social distancing too.

Alan Wright – Managing Director of Private Hire News said:

There is already evidence of ‘u-turns’ with some road and street closers, where the people have made it clear these mad decisions are unacceptable. They are not only affecting motorists, they are also affecting local businesses in a time when they need all the help they can get.

We are asking for your help to spread the ‘Stop Shutting Streets’ campaign as far and wide as possible, right across the UK. Please sign our petition, share our video and join the battle!

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