The most romantic men in Manchester revealed

Local Romeo’s across the country are celebrated this Valentines Day as those who shower their loved ones in the most romantic way are named.

A recent study by Serenata Flowers, one of the UK’s leading online florists have uncovered traditional romance is still very much alive, with 94% of men in the UK choosing flowers as their first choice for Valentines Day.

The Local Romeo Name Calculator unveiled that men named David are the most generous, followed by Andrew and Robert, whilst Vikram, Douglas and Peter send the least flowers. Of flowers senders, a heart-warming 96% of men in Hertfordshire buy petals for the most romantic day of the year, whilst only 4% of women share their love this way.


Further findings revealed that men in the UK chose to give flowers over any other gift type.

Poet Geoffrey Chaucer linked St Valentines with romantic love in the 14th century and ever since the nation has showered loved ones year after year on the 14th of February. Red roses instantly convey romance and continue to pull at the heart strings of many, so it comes with little surprise that in Manchester nothing says “I love you” more than a fresh bouquet of flowers.

There’s no need for heartbreak if cupid’s arrow accidentally left you with nowt on the day of Saint Valentine, maybe it’s time to take matters into your own hands as your Local Romeo may be closer than you think.

With an increase in digital gift giving, the UK floristry industry has taken note continuing to adapt to the ever-changing digital demand. This study shows that traditional gift giving is still a viable option for many across the UK with buying and sending flowers now easier than ever. Find out who the most romantic person is in your area with the Local Romeo Name Generator by Serenata Flowers.