Top things to consider when buying a car for commuting

We spend, on average, 52 minutes driving to and from work every day, so having the right car for your commute is essential.

Whether you’re looking for a new company car, or if you will be stumping up for your own transport, there are several key factors to consider when looking at commuter vehicles.


Remember whether you’ll be paying for the car or not, you’ll more than likely be the one taking the bill every time you fill up at the pumps. There is seemingly little end in sight to fuel price rises, so it’s important to make your money go further – literally.

Most cars will list their expected economy, but make sure you get a real sense of what to expect while test driving. Most new cars will have a setting which displays fuel economy in real time. Find this and you can compare those on your shortlist.


If you’re commuting through the city, a larger engine may not be at the top of your list of priorities, but many of us do take to the motorways, or even country roads when travelling to work.

If you’re merging onto slip roads, travelling up hills or driving in wintry conditions can all be made much safer with more grunt under your right foot.



If you’re going to spend a sizable chunk of each working day in your car, you don’t want it to be a cramped, dull experience – taking you to the office and back home again in a funk rather than fine fettle.

Once again, test drives are key when considering comfort. Does the seat allow you to drive at a comfortable angle? Can you rest your arms comfortably? Many modern cars will also allow you to utilise your smart phone’s media apps while driving, so bear this in mind if you’ve built the perfect playlist for car trips.

Brand new or used? 

If you’re going to be pounding the roads on a daily basis, you may be tempted to keep costs low by opting for a used car – the classic ‘run-around’ option.

New cars are almost always more efficient and can be cost-effective, potentially saving you money in the longer term. Even if you think buying a new car is beyond your budget and means, GoCar Credit could help you get on the road in a flashy new set of wheels.

Going green 

If your commute is in the lower or middle range of distance, then an electric car could be the perfect way to cut down on running costs, as well as helping out the environment.

More and more offices are investing in car-charging points too, meaning you won’t have to keep a worried eye on your power levels after bursting out the house after sleeping through yet another alarm!