Tory Candidate Demands Answers From Burnham On Illegal Raves

ANSWERS are being demanded of Manchester mayor Andy Burnham after thousands of teenagers attended illegal raves.

According to reports one of the raves in Carrington saw a woman raped and three others stabbed, while at the other in Daisy Nook, Failsworth, a 20-year-old man died of a suspected drugs overdose.

Laura Evans, the Conservative Greater Manchester Mayoral Candidate, has written to Mr Burnham, demanding answers on why the gatherings, which brought misery to local communities, were allowed to take place and if he actually knew about them.

She said: “These gatherings were completely unacceptable, and I have every sympathy for the victims and their families. It is now essential that residents are given answers on why they were allowed to take place.

“For the past three months communities across Greater Manchester have done the right thing, followed the guidelines and continue to maintain social distancing. Many people have not seen their parents, partners and friends for weeks. These events are a kick in the teeth for those people who have stuck to the rules and expect leadership from local decision makers to keep them safe.

“That is why I have written to Mr Burnham with five questions that I believe require an answer in order to maintain public trust.


“I want to know if he had prior knowledge of these events, and if so when he was made aware

“If he was aware I want to know if he then advised Greater Manchester Police on what action to take

“Media reports also suggest that Greater Manchester Police did not try to break up the raves. Why was this course of action taken when the safety of attendees was at risk? “

Laura added that over the coronavirus crisis Greater Manchester Police have been robust action in protecting communities in keeping with the Government guidelines.

But considering the weekend’s events, she said she now wants to know whether Mr Burnham will support a full investigation into the measures taken at Partington and Daisy Nook.

She said: “I want to know what measures are being put in place by Mr Burnham’s office and its work with Greater Manchester Police to ensure further lives are not put at risk by gatherings. This is a matter of great urgency and something I will be pushing on”