Trafford Labour Leader Comes Under Fire After Tweets

The Labour leader of Trafford Council, Andrew Western, has come under fire after a series of bizarre tweets to Tory Mayor hopeful, Laura Evans.

The Conservative candidate set to take on Andy Burnham next May has been calling for greater scrutiny on policing and crime following criticism of the force command team.

An open-letter to Andy Burnham demanded answers about the illegal raves which resulted in a death, an horrific rape, and three stabbings.

A shocking tweet from Western said: “I’m not sure why you think you’d be questioning the Mayor like this? You hold no elected office whatsoever and speak for no one but yourself.”

Western went on to say: “you’ve picked up on the scrutiny process in London and compared it to you – an unelected lobbying political candidate who doesn’t represent the people.”

One user replied: ” @AndyBurnhamGM may think he’s a totalitarian leader of Manchester & beyond reproach but he is accountable for his actions or rather inaction in respect of scandal ridden @gmpolice!”

Another posted: “Where is Greater Manchester’s Assembly like the one I see questioning Sadiq Khan in London????”

A Trafford Labour insider told the Gazette: “We’re going to struggle retaining Trafford with Jabba the Hutt leading, the writing is on the wall.”

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