UNILAD release ‘Spice’ documentary in ‘The Dark Side of Britain’ series

“Between 2009-2010 and 2016-17 in Greater Manchester there has been an increase in rough sleeping of 554%*.”

UNILAD to release new documentary ‘Spice’ across UNILAD channels as part of ‘The Dark Side of Britain’ series, shedding light on the consequences of the government’s inadequate support of our homeless community, inflicting people’s lives further than sleeping rough on the streets.

London, UK, 17th August 2018 – In ‘The Dark Side of Britain: Spice’ UNILAD gives a raw insight into the Spice epidemic facing Britain, through the eyes of communities affected by the drug in Manchester. The short-form documentary was released on UNILAD’s YouTube channel on the 17th August, and subsequently featured across UNILAD’s website and social channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

‘Spice’ will be the third installment in UNILAD’s ‘The Dark Side of Britain’ original series which explores some of the most challenging and complex issues facing Britain today. Previous episodes have covered fox hunting, from both the campaigners and supporters’ perspectives, and the growth of the illegal puppy farming trade.

Spice, also known as the ‘zombie drug’, was made illegal under the Psychoactive Substances Act of 2016, having been previously accessible in head shops across the UK as a so-called ‘legal high’. Since its criminalisation, it has garnered media attention for the semi-comatose state it inflicts on its users and its increasing popularity amongst the most vulnerable in society – particularly the homeless. Speaking with current users and recovering addicts, as well as charity workers and academics, UNILAD’s video sheds light on the drug’s devastating effects and accessibility in the second city, whilst exploring why more support isn’t present and if criminalisation is making matters worse rather than resolving the problem.

‘The Dark Side of Britain’ is the latest in UNILAD’s slate of originals, which also includes the series ‘Against All Odds’. Attracting support from charities and politicians, UNILAD’s documentaries – which are all produced in-house – engage the social generation in the issues affecting all corners of society and involve them in the journey of each powerful story.


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