WATCH: Have the Lib Dems taken it too far with their latest campaign film?

The Liberal Democrats have launched a hard-hitting new film ahead of a critical set of local elections for the party.

The new film, called ‘What Will You Say?’, is the latest bid in the party’s campaign to reclaim ground in the town hall, which is currently dominated by Labour.

In 2016, John Leech stormed his way back on to Manchester Council in a shock victory that signified the first gain for any party other than Labour for the first time in six years in Manchester and provided an opposition for the first time in two years. He stands as the sole opposition to 95 Labour councillors.

The film begins with young children watching TV and reacting to various controversial news headlines, including the recent comments made by Withington councillor Chris Paul. The 90-second video also picks at the council’s record on homelessness, refugees and the spending of public money.

It ends with the headline: “Our children are watching.”

Releasing the film, John Leech said: “I’m afraid this film is a bleak and chilling reminder of the last two years under a Labour one-party state.”

“The stark reality of Labour’s decisions in Manchester is one that has condemned and rejected a generation of desperate child refugees, ignored a growing homeless crisis, refused to build a single affordable home and seemingly condoned the promotion of violence against women.

“In this election, it is only the Liberal Democrats that offer something new – a city that works together, welcoming the desperate and tackling real problems. It’s the vision for a Manchester together.”


Labour have slammed the campaign film as “tasteless” and “immoral” but the Lib Dems have defended the move.

A spokesperson for the Manchester Liberal Democrats said: “All the clips used in this video are real news headlines – nothing has been exaggerated nor has anything been taken out of context.

“What Labour are finding ‘tasteless’ and ‘immoral’ is actually their own actions. This really isn’t controversial, it’s just the very uncomfortable truth about Manchester Council.

“Exposing and holding this council to account is not something we will apologise for.”

Manchester faces all-out elections in just three days and the Liberal Democrats are hoping build on their current one-man opposition.

What do you think of the video? Check it out below.

Liberal Democrats launch campaign video hitting Manchester Labour

Liberal Democrats launch film questioning Labour Manchester's record in office.

Posted by Manchester Gazette on Monday, April 30, 2018