What Are the Advantages of Working in the North?

The divides between North and South have existed, many claim, since time began, but all rivalry aside, there are some genuine differences in relation to work life in each. For those living in the South who are considering moving up North to work, it is well worth looking at the potential benefits of getting a job there.

It is fair to say that towns and cities in the North are becoming an increasingly popular place to move, so here are some of the benefits of working there.

Cheaper Cost of Living

First and perhaps foremost, northern cities tend to be cheaper than their southern counterparts. The ten most affordable cities in the UK are all located in the North, whereas the ten least affordable cities are all in the South, illustrating just how different the two sections of the country are in terms of prices.

So, this means that you should get a lot more from your wage/salary in the long run if you choose to work in the north. On top of this, housing is also cheaper in many cities, so you may be able to get on the housing ladder faster if you aren’t already.

Growing Industries/Opportunities

The North also has a growing number of exciting opportunities in a number of different industries. There has been a well-documented boom in the Yorkshire and Humber film industry in recent years, with its growth rate more than double the national average last year.

The government is also considering moving Channel 4 operations to Manchester, amongst other cities. The Guardian is also considering doing the same, but there are plenty of other non-media related industries which are also thriving in the North, like biotech in the North East as well as law and finance in many other areas.

Friendlier People

Whilst it may seem speculative, the North does have a reputation for being home to some of the friendliest people in the UK. After all, with cheaper cost of living and growing job opportunities, they have plenty to be happy about compared to, say, Londoners.

There are many vibrant cities with excellent nightlife, such as Manchester and Leeds, as well as beautiful, historic cities like York.


Moving to the North for work is a big decision, but it is one which is likely to be both rewarding and fulfilling. Be sure to look into the various different cities, and it will soon become clear why it is becoming an increasingly popular destination for work.


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