What Can Manchester Businesses do to Boost Their Online Presence?

It is already a well-known fact that the greater Manchester metropolitan area is one of the most thriving business districts within the United Kingdom. While traditional retail sales represent a major portion of this economy, businesses of all sizes are now taking to the Internet in order to more effectively promote their goods and services (as well as to reach a wider target audience). However, many of the standard practices that might have worked well a handful of years ago may not be valid in this day and age. Examples of this observation can be seen in flat sales rates, falling revenue or customers who opt to migrate to competitors as opposed to remain loyal. Is there any one cause behind such movements? In order to appreciate the possible solutions, it is first necessary to take a look at piece of software that might be playing a crucial role.

Deciding When it is Time for a Change

What aspects immediately come to mind when referring to success within the online retail community? Some common answers will often include:

– An attractive website.
– A sound marketing campaign.
– The ability to connect with customers on a personal level. – High-quality products and services.

While there is no doubt that all of these metrics are indeed important, many Manchester businesses fail to look at the technical aspects of their website; particularly in examining their current point of sale (POS) architecture. This is arguably one of the most critical components of any sale, as it represents the final step during the checkout process. If this gateway does not function properly or if customers are not satisfied with their options, they could very well look elsewhere to complete a purchase. The main question now involves how businesses can tell if these systems are outdated as well as some of the signs of a worthwhile e-commerce provider.


Customer-Centred Interfaces

There are several questions to ask in order to clearly determine whether an existing POS system is not performing as it should:

– How long has it been since an update has taken place?
– Does it lack the ability to address certain forms of currencies or transactions?
– How difficult is it to implement changes if they are required?
– Does it encounter problems when working with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets?

If you have answered “yes” to one or more of these queries, it is a foregone conclusion that change is required.

This is why an increasing number of Manchester businesses (both large and small) have chosen to migrate to the POS systems offered by Shopify. Not only does this architecture represent some of the most advanced systems in existence, but a superior sense of flexibility helps to ensure that modifications can be made made based around the needs of the customer or the business in question. Those who would like to learn more are encouraged to visit the official website.


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