Why is Manchester so Popular Amongst Young Entrepreneurs

As payroll and HR solutions provider Moorepay became the latest firm to invest heavily in the Manchester economy to the tune of £100 million or more, there’s no doubt that the future of this Northern powerhouse is brighter than ever.

The recent level of domestic and overseas investment in Manchester highlights the growth potential of the region, while it has also captured the attention of investors through platforms such as ADSS. However, this is just one of the reasons why the city is so popular among the nation’s army of young entrepreneurs, who continuing to make a huge contribution to the economy.

In this post, we’ll consider the popularity of Manchester among young entrepreneurs in further detail, while asking what makes it unique when compared with other regions.

A Great Learning Environment

Quite aside from the incredible growth in the region, the city also provides one of the best learning environments imaginable for young entrepreneurs.

At the heart of this is the city’s outstanding reputation for higher education, with four major and highly ranked universities home to some of the UK’s most talented graduates. This inspires many youngsters to seek out higher education in the city, before they launch their ventures and lay the foundations for future success.

The city is also home to one of the UK’s most successful student enterprise societies, namely the Manchester Entrepreneurs. This is home to a diverse community of innovators and entrepreneurs, which is a constant source of inspiration to youngsters who want to learn and achieve commercial success.

This group also provides immense networking opportunities young entrepreneurs, who can grow organically as they interact with customers, collaborators and potential partners within the region.

Manchester is Home to a Unique Collaborative Culture


The success of the Manchester Entrepreneur group has been inspired by the regions’ unique collaborative culture, which has in turn been borne out of regeneration and increased commercial demand in the city.

This culture is typical of such a bright and energetic city, while it’s something that young entrepreneurs are able to feed off as they establish their ventures and look to carve a viable market share.

A collaborative culture also offers practical benefits to business-owners, as the potential partnerships forged can help them to reduce operational costs without compromising on growth.

Increasingly competitive rents and shared office spaces have a similar impact, and this has helped Manchester to become increasingly competitive when compared with London and cities in the south.


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