A New Study Reveals: If Your Partner Travels To Follow His Football Team Across The Country – You Must Be Worried! 

UKA New Study Reveals: If Your Partner Travels To Follow His Football Team Across The Country - You Must Be Worried! 

According to a new study, when following their team across the country, UK football fans often enjoy more than just the game itself.

BettingTips4You.com has surveyed 2,200 UK football fans to figure out which fan bases are getting the ‘luckiest’ during game days. The results are very intriguing, as an average of 5.4% of UK fans said that they had had a sexual encounter while visiting a sports venue or stadium.

There must be something in the air in the blue part of Merseyside, as an impressive 15.10% of Everton fans are claiming to have gotten lucky either at Goodison Park or at a sporting venue. In this ’embarrassing’ table, the Liverpool fans (12.26%) came in second place behind the Toffees supporters.

This shows that there must be something in the water in Merseyside that makes it easier to get lucky in places like this. Being active at a stadium facility is one thing; cheating on your partner in such venues is quite another.

BettingTips4you.com wanted to find out which fans are the most unfaithful in
the UK, and they asked how many have cheated on their ‘other half’ when following their football team. The results were shocking.

An average of 15.17% said they cheated on a partner while following their team away from home, with Newcastle fans topping the table with nearly a THIRD saying that they have been unfaithful when travelling to follow the Magpies around the country. Toon supporters are more likely to play away than any others in
the Premier League. Almost one in three said they had cheated on a partner while on the road—compared with 2% of Aston Villa fans.

According to the poll, when looking into the reason for cheating among the different football fans, the most popular response was alcohol intoxication, which was as high as 44.22%. 

Second on the list was their team, winning at 21.3%. Having an argument back home just before leaving for a match was not good, as 6.12% of the respondents said they cheated for this reason.

John Pentin, spokesman for BettingTips4You.com, said: ‘Newcastle are having a great season in more ways than one. The club is near the top of the table, and so are its fans—for cheating on partners! At least they are following a well-performing team. Scousers fans are still doing the ‘dirty job’ while watching their team’s disappointments! 

Also, make sure you are always on good terms before your partner goes away to support his team and hope that the match will turn out well for his or her team; otherwise, it seems you will be increasing the chances of being cheated.’

PData and Methodology:
In January 2023, 2,200 UK football fans were polled from the Premier League plus two Championship clubs. If you’d like to share this post or its content with your readers or friends, you are welcome to do so. Please be sure you include attribution by linking to this study, though. More info available on request at mailto:[email protected]

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