Investing in the people of Greater Manchester

As Minister for the Northern Powerhouse and a northern MP it makes me proud to see how Greater Manchester continues to develop and thrive. From the bright lights of Media City UK, which I visited last week, to the cranes towering over the city skyline it is obvious that Greater Manchester is a place attracting significant investment. But the…


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Monster Invasion Manchester

Look out, look up, beware. The monsters are coming! Climbing up buildings and hiding in the trees. Miss them at your peril… Find our Halloween monsters at 35 Dale Street, Mayfield, Manchester Arndale, Exchange Square, Manchester Arndale,…

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Moving beyond Britain’s bubble economy

The story of the UK economy is a tale of two economies. First there is the ‘real economy’ which we interact with daily, woven into the length and breadth of Britain, and characterised by productive output in the form of goods and services. Then there is a financial economy that sits on top of it, centred around the City of London…


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