We are giving the Mayor the powers and money he needs

You would be forgiven if you missed an important piece of House of Commons business earlier this week but it is worth talking about because it will affect everyone who lives in Greater Manchester. An order passed in Parliament will be the final piece in the jigsaw in giving the Mayor of Greater Manchester the opportunity to further support bus…

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Monster Invasion Manchester

Look out, look up, beware. The monsters are coming! Climbing up buildings and hiding in the trees. Miss them at your peril… Find our Halloween monsters at 35 Dale Street, Mayfield, Manchester Arndale, Exchange Square, Manchester Arndale,…

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Conservatives Call On Council To Rethink Housing Plans

TRAFFORD Conservatives are calling on the council to think again about housing plans which would decimate large areas of much-loved green belt, when the Government has said there is no need The group are now putting in a motion to the council, asking how it can support the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, when in a parliamentary debate on…


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