As The Largest UK Tech Hub Outside Of London, What Does Manchester’s Growing Tech Landscape Mean For Businesses Across The City?

UKAs The Largest UK Tech Hub Outside Of London, What Does Manchester’s Growing Tech Landscape Mean For Businesses Across The City?

Manchester has always been at the forefront of emerging business developments and was the world’s first industrial city

As such, it’s no surprise that it’s now also the UK’s biggest technology hub outside of London, with thousands of tech start-ups choosing to make Manchester their primary base. 

For existing businesses in the city, this means there’s a lot of change happening incredibly rapidly. To help leaders stay on top of the latest developments with Manchester’s tech landscape, we’ve listed some of the effects it’s having on companies across the city and how leaders can adapt. 

Making It More Important For Companies To Be Online 

For businesses across Manchester, even those with a physical base, having a broad, engaging online presence is now vital. When you’re based in a technology-focused city like Manchester, it’s not enough to run a great business. You also need to have a strong online reach and compete with businesses across the region, and throughout the UK in many cases. If your company sells physical products, then providing an e-commerce experience is essential, as customers find online shopping convenient and often use it in place of traditional shopping trips. So, whatever your niche, if you’re not already online and don’t have at least a basic understanding of SEO, social media marketing and PPC, now is the time to learn. 

Increasing The Risk Of Cyber Crimes

As companies take more and more of their operations online, there’s an increased risk of cyber attacks. While cyber crime isn’t limited to Manchester and can happen anywhere, businesses in the city need to be more aware than others, as consumers have more choices, and your competitors will have more robust cyber security plans in place. If your company gets a reputation for being vulnerable to hacks, then your customer base will lose faith in you. To show your clients how dedicated your business is to cyber security, explore cutting-edge cyber security services from leading providers like ROCK. They work with some of the largest companies across the UK and can help you to develop and implement a robust cyber security strategy that keeps your business safe. 

Greater Competition For Business

The rise in tech start-ups throughout Manchester means there’s more competition, even for those companies that offer physical products or services. As these technology providers offer ways for new companies to enter the market, and remote ways for other companies to provide services, you might find that there’s increasing competition in your niche. For example, if you currently manage a retail store, then the rise in e-commerce solutions will lead to increased online competition. Equally, for companies in the hospitality market, the rise in digital booking tools and management software will help your competitors to streamline their operations and become increasingly efficient. If you don’t embrace these new tools, then you could fall behind your new competitors. The key is to incorporate these tools into your existing business practices while also leveraging your company’s history and established clientele to set it apart from the rising tide of online-only competitors you may face over the months and years still to come. 

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