Revolutionary Pain Relief Solution, Yoback, Unveils Pop-Up Shop at John Lewis, Trafford Centre

UKRevolutionary Pain Relief Solution, Yoback, Unveils Pop-Up Shop at John Lewis, Trafford Centre

Eastnole, the visionary company behind the renowned Yoback, is preparing to showcase its groundbreaking product at a special pop-up shop, in collaboration with The Great Brand Exchange.

Taking place at John Lewis, Trafford Centre, from June 19th to 26th, this unprecedented event will introduce customers to Yoback’s life-changing properties. Customers are invited to be among the first to experience the remarkable benefits of this cutting-edge solution that promises to revolutionise pain relief.

Customers at the pop-up shop can experience hands-on demonstrations to reduce muscle tension across their whole body by certified yoga teachers. They can also take advantage of exclusive offers, including heavy discounts, a complimentary exercise e-book, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Yoback has earned high acclaim in its first year, winning ‘Most Innovative Yoga Product 2023’ at the UK Enterprise Awards and ‘Most Innovative Fitness Product 2023’ at the UK Business Excellence Awards. It also gained recognition at last year’s Elevate Arena, the UK’s largest physical therapy tradeshow.

The Yoback was created by Gary Watts, who designed the Yoback because he was tired of conventional products like foam rollers being too painful and not providing a deep stretch as well as spending money on monthly chiropractor fees. “Traditional stretching products were too bulky and impractical for a modern, on-the-go lifestyle.” shares Gary. “After two decades of regular chiropractor visits and massages, I decided it was time for a practical, portable solution that’s versatile enough to fit all body shapes and sizes and gives a relaxing, pain-free stretch from head to toe. Now my own chiropractor sells it in his clinic!”

Testimonials from satisfied customers have lauded Yoback’s impact on their lives. Matt O shares, “Absolutely amazing…this thing resolved my decade-long hip/L5 pain.” Similarly, Dan K finds the Yoback multifunctional: “I particularly like to use one section at work on my back when sitting at an office chair. The other two sections can be used for your calves at the same time. Also very good for back and neck stretches when laying down.”

In line with Eastnole’s mission to promote individual well-being, £1 from every Yoback sale is donated to the Give Back Yoga Foundation UK towards providing yoga lessons for cancer patients and survivors.

Say goodbye to tight and stiff muscles and start feeling instant relaxation today. Visit us at John Lewis, Trafford Centre from June 19th-26th to experience Yoback’s powerful muscle relief firsthand and enjoy exclusive event-only offers.

To learn more about the Yoback check out their website at or contact founder Gary Watts at [email protected].

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