Optimising Your Vehicle’s Cab: A Guide For Hauliers Who Spend A Lot Of Time On The Road

UKOptimising Your Vehicle’s Cab: A Guide For Hauliers Who Spend A Lot Of Time On The Road

As a haulier, you are essential to the ongoing success of the corporate landscape and global economy. 

During the pandemic, we saw the importance of lorry driversas we were faced with shortages and supply chain issues. 

Now that the crisis has passed, many of us have started to forget the importance of hauliers, but as one, you’ll know how tough and draining the role can be.

Even with the limits on HGV driving times and the enforced breaks after every 4.5 hours of driving, you’ll still spend thousands of hours per year in your vehicle. 

So, how can you make it more comfortable in your vehicle’s cab? There are many simple ways you can enhance your space and make it feel safer, more welcoming and cosy, as we explain in this latest blog post. 

Install The Best Connected Tech To Make Driving Easier 

While you’re out on the road, you can’t touch or use your phone for legal and safety reasons. As such, you might want to consider adding wireless technology, such as a Bluetooth headset and voice-activated controls, to allow you to communicate with your device without laying a finger on it. There are also connected tools that can help you to control your sound system through your headset or using voice controls, meaning you can make every trip fun and safe. 

Add Safety Signs To Remind Yourself And Passengers Of Risks 

Some risks, such as exposed wires or the weight of the vehicle and where it might be an issue, might be a hazard on the open road if you forget about them. Fortunately, there are clear safety signs available from Label Source that can make it easy for you to signpost important vehicle safety information. You can then clearly remind yourself of anything you need while driving and ensure that you and any passengers you might carry are aware of the risks at all times. 

Include Personal Items To Make It Feel Like Home 

When your vehicle is also your home away from home for most of your working day, you have every right to add some personal items to make it feel more welcoming. Just like most office workers personalise their desks with photos and decorations, you can do the same thing for the cab of your vehicle. When adding personal items like pictures, stickers or knick-knacks, make sure that you don’t obscure any important instruments or restrict your visibility through the windows or mirrors. Still, if you take the time to check that you’re safe and able to drive unhindered, then adding personal items and mementoes can be a great way to make your vehicle more fun to spend time in. 

As a haulier, you could spend a significant part of your life in the cab of your vehicle. These ideas should help you to customise your space and make it better suited for your unique needs. You’ll then be able to feel at home even when you’re out on the open road.

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