PR Fire’s Team of Experts Reveal the Optimal Strategy for Promoting an Award Win

LatestPR Fire's Team of Experts Reveal the Optimal Strategy for Promoting an Award Win

As the UK’s leading press release distribution service, PR Fire have a wealth of experience in distributing award-win press releases. Their seasoned distribution team have now divulged invaluable insight into effectively maximising business exposure following an award win.

The team emphasises that an attention-grabbing press release begins with a succinct headline that effectively showcases the award’s significance, employing positive language to captivate the potential audience. Subsequently, the press release should begin with a concise introductory paragraph that fills in the necessary context. 

Harnessing their expertise in journalist outreach, the PR Fire team shared their knowledge on enhancing the likelihood of securing media coverage for an award win. To craft a story fit for media coverage, it’s vital that all bases are covered: the award’s name, its relevance, the category, and noteworthy details such as the judging criteria, or the significance of the award for the industry at large.

Beyond this, journalists will be keen to know why a business has won an award. This could include innovative practises, exceptional performance, outstanding customer service, or any unique attributes that allow a business to surpass its competition. 

Quotes from company executives or team members can offer valuable insight, and add credibility to the press release, and a comprehensive “Notes to Editor” is useful for sharing information about a business’s mission, history and notable achievements, as well as media contact details for follow-up.

A clear, concise and to-the-point press release that has undergone extensive proofreading is the key to success. For more information on press release distribution, visit 

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