Crafting Wreaths for Enhanced Mental Well-being

UKCrafting Wreaths for Enhanced Mental Well-being

The UK’s Premier Wreath Company Introduces Seasonal Wreath-Making Kits to Promote Mindful Engagement and Mental Health Benefits

  • DIY wreath making company has launched seasonal wreath-making kits to provide their customers with an immersive and sensory experience. 
  • From getting lost in intricate colouring to taking the time for mindful eating, there is a growing awareness of the benefits that focusing on the present can provide.
  • Wreath making is the latest activity to be linked to mindfulness and helping people to cope with busy and stressful lifestyles and even certain health conditions.

Recent studies from the British Sociological Association highlight the growing adoption of mindfulness practices, with 15% of Britons, equivalent to around eight million individuals, actively engaging in mindfulness. 

As society’s understanding of mindfulness expands and its benefits become increasingly apparent, this figure is poised to rise. Engaging in mindful activities, like wreath making, is anticipated to play a pivotal role in fostering collective mental well-being.

The NHS has recognised the potential of mindfulness practices to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression, while the National Institutes of Health (a branch of the US Department of Health and Human Services) report that mindfulness holds the potential to reduce blood pressure and improve sleep quality.

As understanding of mindfulness grows, so does the appreciation of what constitutes mindful activity. Colouring has become a popular mindful activity, as focusing deeply on the colour and design brings our awareness into the present moment, enabling disconnection from other thoughts. But mindful activities have also evolved well beyond reaching for the felt-tips. 

Many companies are now considering how they can support their customers to improve their mental wellbeing through mindfulness. is one such firm.

The company specialises in providing beautiful, hand-crafted decorative wreaths, with a selection of seasonal and occasion-based wreaths available to customers throughout the UK. It also sells wreath-making kits, which provide individuals with the opportunity to anchor themselves firmly in the present. 

Tom Yates, Director of TYSR Limited, which is the company behind, explains:

“Making a wreath is a delightfully sensory experience. You have the feel of the natural flowers and foliage in your hands, with bright colours to enjoy and the wonderful scent of the fresh blooms. It’s very immersive. The challenge of creating a beautiful wreath is great for focusing the mind. Plus, you end up with a lovely, long-lasting decoration for your home – wreaths kept outside can last for as long as eight weeks with regular watering.”

Kits from contain everything shoppers need to start creating unique DIY wreaths. The flowers, foliage and decorations provided as part of the kit vary according to the season. Creative types will also find plenty to inspire them on the website, which is packed with seasonal inspiration, tips for wreath-making beginners, top trend details, practical information about how to hang a wreath and much more. The company, which also sells a selection of ready-made circular and square wreaths, is offering new customers 10% off their first order.

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