Jammy UK Drivers Beat the Rising Cost of Fuel

UKJammy UK Drivers Beat the Rising Cost of Fuel

UK consumers are already tightening their belts and feeling the financial pressure amidst the soaring cost of living, and the drastic fuel price hike has only worsened the strain for many road users.

Drivers have seen an unprecedented price surge in recent times, in fact the UK has seen the largest monthly spike in two decades. Savvy drivers have now turned to a clever life hack set to soften the blow of the price increase: fuelling up at Morrisons petrol stations, and reaping the rewards of a 5% reduction on fuel costs.

In a startling revelation, the RAC predicts a recent price surge will increase the cost of every tank fill-up by a staggering £4, leaving consumers stunned and eager to take action.

Morrisons petrol stations and the JamDoughnut App have come to the rescue of these concerned road users, thanks to 5% cashback on fuel purchases when using the app. This offer allows drivers to offset the price hike, with the current average fuel price exceeding 145 pence per litre.

According to research by JamDoughnut, 78% of consumers have already chosen to switch petrol stations, or are looking to do so to reduce the impact of the cost increase.

Morrisons currently have over 330 petrol stations nationwide, offering a practical and beneficial solution to combat the cost of living crisis.

Loyal JamDoughnut user, Angie Pugh, commented on her own experience: “I’ve already switched where I buy my fuel. Now, I fill up at Morrisons every time using JamDoughnut, and I also enjoy discounts on all my groceries from ALDI and ASDA.

Offering immediate cashback with every online and in-store purchase across selected retailers, JamDoughnut, is the highest rated cashback app in the UK and boasts a robust network of hundreds of major brands.

JamDoughnut users enjoy cashback on their groceries, fashion, delivery, dining and home improvement purchases. It currently holds the highest Trustpilot rating across all cashback apps, with consumers collectively spending millions of pounds a month through the app, boasting an average annual saving of £500.

In recent times, the app has grown its service to include money saving tips, discounts and deals – serving as a one-stop shop for savvy consumers seeking to maximise their savings. 

Founder James Walker commented, “In our quest to save money, JamDoughnut is the only way to receive instant cashback. Our service has experienced significant growth of over 1,000% this year as more and more savvy consumers seek practical solutions to save money.

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