Salford Labour Plan To Wipe Out Remaining Tories

NewsSalfordSalford Labour Plan To Wipe Out Remaining Tories

Salford Labour are setting their sights on the remaining Conservative seats in the city.

Sources within Labour have revealed their plan to oust Conservative Group Leader, Les Turner, currently hanging on with a majority of less than 100.

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One member told the Gazette: “He should really be standing in Warrington, it’s not like he lives in Salford anyway. Residents of Boothstown and Ellenbrook deserve better.”

Also in the cross hairs are Councillors Robin and Karen Garrido, hanging on in Worsley and Westwood Park, now a marginal since the boundary change, with the other seat being occupied by Labour’s Tony Davies.

Mike McCucker, Cabinet Member for Planning, is confident of Labour taking all Worsley seats, and confirmed a joint campaign to oust Robin and Karen.

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It’s understood Mayor Paul Dennett has been building up relationships with the Jewish community In Broughton Park in an effort to turn the ward red by 2024.

In Central Salford, Liberal Democrats are confident of retaining their only seat in Kersal and Broughton Park, whilst making two gains in Quays, and Ordsall.

UPDATE: The Liberal Democrat in Kersal and Broughton Park will now be standing as an independent.

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