Going on holiday in the UK can save you over £50,000 according to data from Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks

UKGoing on holiday in the UK can save you over £50,000 according to data from Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks

It’s true, choosing a holiday abroad can be pricey, so many may opt for booking a stay in the UK this year. But how will this save your wallet? Recent data compiled by Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks shows how much you can save by choosing a UK based holiday in 2024 during the summer holidays, furthermore, investing the savings to raise over £50,000 for your children’s future. 

They have picked a week-long 2 star holiday to Benidorm for a family of 4, for 8 nights from the 16th August. The price of the accommodation with flights included comes in at £2,544 with additional costs like car hire and food increasing the grand total to £3,740. 

However, an equivalent break at Woolacombe Bay Holiday Park at one of the New Wave Silver caravans comes in at £1,169, at Twitchen House. There are still additional costs on top of this (for example food at £400, travel costs at £70, optional holiday protection cover at £30) which brings the total to just £2,069. 

This results in a impressive £1,671 saving, and overtime this can potentially lead to a significant buildup of savings. 

How can you use these savings wisely?

If your family decides to holiday in the UK for over 18 years, this can potentially lead to savings of £30,078  that can go towards a young one’s future. Even better, the amount can potentially rise to over £50,000  if the money is invested in stocks and ISA shares at a 5% average, depositing what you have saved on the holiday each year.  

A compound calculator can be used to help you understand how much your savings can grow over time. This money can help go towards a first property deposit, all from holidaying in the UK!

The Environmental Impact

Deciding to stay in the UK for your holiday also has a positive impact on the environment, by reducing your carbon footprint. You don’t need to board a plane to holiday in the UK, and the amount of CO2 emissions you produce through driving will not be as high as flying.  

According to the Carbon Independent, travelling around 300 miles by car will lead to generating 104 kg of CO2, whereas flying the same distance produces around 184 kg of CO2. 

So what are you waiting for? It’s clear deciding to stay in the UK has many benefits, and you will enjoy everything Woolacombe has to offer at one of our holiday parks. 

*The information contained on this press release is not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as, financial advice. Projections are based on the returns illustrated in the compound interest calculator and are done purely as a reflection on potential investment gains which can go up as well as down.

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