Trafford Labour Slammed Over Councillor Pay rise

NewsTraffordTrafford Labour Slammed Over Councillor Pay rise

Trafford’s Conservatives have slammed Labour’s plans to award their councillors a 40 per pay rise, claiming they need to get their house in order first and look at their failures.

The council’s recent assessment of its priorities has sparked concern among Conservatives and residents, who are critical of the Labour-led administration’s claims of success. 

At a December 11th Executive meeting, Trafford Council, under Labour Leader Tom Ross, highlighted three main priorities: reducing health inequalities, supporting people out of poverty, and addressing the climate crisis.

Commenting on these, Cllr Nathan Evans, Leader of the Trafford Conservatives, slammed the plans for a pay rise for councillors when Labour is falling short of delivering. 

He said: “On their self-proclaimed top priorities of health inequalities, school readiness, and climate change, Trafford Council is falling short. School readiness is impacted by insufficient school places, and the council’s failure to address this north-south divide requires urgent attention.”

“The rise in depression and the lack of action on reopening the Altrincham Minor Injuries Unit demonstrate Labour’s neglect of care provisions in the south of the borough. 

“Additionally, the council’s failure to meet domestic energy targets and its contradictory approach to then build all over our green spaces raise concerns about its genuine commitment to combating the climate crisis.” 

“Once again, we see this Labour-run council at its best. in one breath calling a climate crisis, meanwhile building all over our greenbelt. They need to get a grip.”

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