Citygate Housing Spearheads Innovative Social Housing Ventures

UKCitygate Housing Spearheads Innovative Social Housing Ventures

 Citygate Housing, a leader in property development in the UK, announces its latest initiative to bridge the gap in social housing and assisted living properties. This move comes in response to the critical housing shortage highlighted in the recent House of Commons debate on April 19, 2023.

With over 1.2 million households on the waiting list for social homes in England and nearly 100,000 households in temporary accommodation, including over 120,000 children, the need for sustainable housing solutions has never been more urgent. Citygate Housing is addressing this by focusing on acquiring and fitting properties to meet the standards for social housing and assisted living.

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In a bold step, Citygate Housing is inviting sophisticated investors to join a joint venture aimed at providing solutions to the social housing demand. This collaboration will accelerate the development of suitable units, directly impacting the number of people living in substandard, temporary accommodation.

Citygate Housing’s initiative aligns with the Local Government Association’s call for empowering councils to build more affordable, quality homes quickly. The company’s efforts contribute to the national priority of addressing the chronic housing shortage and support the goal of building 100,000 high-quality, climate-friendly social homes a year.

For more information or to explore investment opportunities, please contact Citygate Housing on 02080905303 or +447874407693.

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