Innovative CV Scripting Tool by Transform Learning Academy Set to Help Career Transitions

UKInnovative CV Scripting Tool by Transform Learning Academy Set to Help Career Transitions

Transform Learning Academy, is excited to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the “CV Builder for Career Changers”. The tool has been created by the leading EdTech company specialist to help graduates and professionals transition into tech-based careers.
AI is replacing 300 million full time jobs worldwide as reported by Goldman Sachs, posing a significant threat to various professions. Staying informed about cutting-edge technology becomes paramount in this era of change. Additionally, amidst the living wage crisis in the UK, where the average income stands at £34,963, transitioning to tech jobs in Business Analysis, Data Analysis and Project Management offers a lucrative average salary of £55k.
This revolutionary tool is designed to assist professionals seeking to pivot into new fields by highlighting their transferable skills effectively, giving potential employers confidence in their track record, experience, and abilities, ultimately leading to more job opportunities.
Transitioning into a new career can be a daunting task, especially in the highly competitive tech industry. Transform Learning Academy understands the challenges faced by individuals

looking to make this shift, and the CV Builder aims to provide a solution that empowers career changers.
The CV Builder for Career Changers from Transform Learning Academy is a user-friendly online platform that guides users through the process of creating a compelling resume tailored to their desired career path. With a focus on showcasing transferable skills and relevant experience, this tool enables candidates to stand out in a crowded job market and increase their chances of receiving interview calls.
Shaz Shafiq, Tech Career Coach and Co-Founder at Transform Learning Academy, stated: “We are thrilled to introduce the CV Builder for Career Changers, as it aligns perfectly with our mission of helping individuals transform their lives by accelerating their careers. We have come from a Big 4 Accounting background; we understand the challenges faced by career changers, and this tool is another step towards bringing more diversity into the tech industry.”
Transform Learning Academy, founded by three industry experts with Big 4 Accounting backgrounds, is committed to providing high-quality education and support to individuals seeking to transition into tech-based roles. Their comprehensive programmes have already helped countless professionals achieve their career goals in just 90 days or less.
Transform Learning Academy is one of the most reliable providers of training career transformation courses in the UK. The programmes are accredited by BCS, where they help individuals move to the next stage in their career. The academy not only gives students a chance to buy accredited courses or diplomas but also provides recruitment support. The company has leading trainers who ensure students get the best and most tailored training as per the students needs.
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