How to spice up your game of bingo

UKHow to spice up your game of bingo

Are you planning to host a party where games are the main attraction? Make sure it’s an unforgettable event by ensuring each game is unique, and tailored to the tastes of your guests. 

Here’s how to spice up your game of bingo, from swapping the numbers to making the results more random than ever before!

Switch out the numbers

Traditional bingo grids include numbers which are marked off when they are pulled from the bingo caller machine. The first to achieve a row and a full house are the winners.

However, the game works just as well when you switch out the numbers. It’s also a fun way to include an element of guesswork. For example, you could swap numbers for famous faces and use clues as the call for each celebrity. 

Song titles are another great replacement for the numbers. Take inspiration from shortlists of the best pop songs or famous names from a particular genre you all love. You can play a snippet of each song using shuffle to randomise the order of the selection, and then let your guests guess the title. 

Try different variations

The most-played version of the game in the UK is 90-ball bingo where the numbers are set out on a series of 3×9 grids, mixed with blank spaces. There are several other variations to try if you want to spice up the game though. 

75-ball bingo is popular in the US, and in this version of the game, the first row can be won horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Rapid-fire 30-ball bingo is a great choice if you’re short on time. 

As well as the standard variations, you can find unique gameshow-inspired versions such as Deal or No Deal bingo and I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! bingo.

Introduce card swapping

Bingo is already a game of chance with plenty of randomisation, both in the grid you’re given and the order in which the numbers are called. However, you can randomise things further by introducing card swapping. 

Without warning, at a seemingly innocuous point in the game, announce that everyone has to pass their card to the person beside them. This is sure to increase the competitive tension and keep everyone on their toes!

Give game night a theme

If you’d rather not tamper with the foundations of bingo, you can up the fun factor by giving your game night a theme. Go all out to transform your chosen location with themed decorations and food and drink, and request guests to come in suitable fancy dress. 

Analyse your mood and the nature of your group and use this to guide the theme for your bingo night. You could go elegant with 1920s dress or casino cocktail attire, or fun and funky like ‘Wild West’ or festival outfits. 

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