4 easy ways to reduce water usage in your home 

UK4 easy ways to reduce water usage in your home 

With the cost of living rising sharply across the UK, lots of households are looking for ways to save money at home. 

Many focus on energy usage and grocery shopping as areas where households can save money, but cutting down on water wastage can also be a great way to avoid hefty monthly outgoings.

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If you’re not already taking steps to reduce your water usage at home, here are four ways you can start cutting down from today.

Why is reducing water usage important?

Usually, the cost of your water bill is tied to the amount of water you use each month, meaning the more you use, the more you’ll pay. 

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What many people don’t realise is that water usage can also be tied to the cost of your energy bill

This is because many homes use electricity to heat, filter and pump water into and around the home for activities like showering or using the washing machine. 

As such, higher water usage can also lead to higher energy bills. 

Replace your toilet

Most people are unaware that their toilet is one of the most water-intensive appliances in their home. 

New toilets use significantly less water than older toilets, so one way to cut your water usage would be replacing your old toilet.

This would create immediate water savings in your home. 

Turn off taps

It might sound small, but not turning the taps off while you’re brushing your teeth can add up and make a significant difference to your water bill.

In fact, if you live in a household of four people who all leave the tap on for two minutes while they brush their teeth, that amounts to almost two hours a week of the tap being left on. 

As such, you should encourage everyone in your household to turn off the taps while they’re brushing their teeth. 

Take shorter showers

Another great way to save water is by taking shorter showers. 

Dermatologists recommend showers of between five to ten minutes, but if you can get clean quicker than this, you’ll saveeven more.

To get even more economical, you could put a bucket in the shower to collect water as you wash. You can then use this water on your plants around or outside the house.

Limit garden watering 

Garden watering should be limited generally if you want to save money on your water bill.

Instead of using a hose or a sprinkler, you should water your plants more precisely using bottles or a watering can. 

Once you’ve cut your water usage, you’ll not only be saving money, but helping conserve a precious natural resource too

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