Greater Manchester welcomes new and eco-friendly way to dispose of scrap metal

NewsSalfordGreater Manchester welcomes new and eco-friendly way to dispose of scrap metal

Residents in Salford will soon benefit from a new and easily accessible metal recycling site. It comes as EMR express launch their first drive thru metal recycling site in Manchester, offering an eco-friendly alternative to disposing of scrap metal. As the metal recycling industry continues to change fast, the business is looking for ways to build around the increasing demand.  

Located just off Liverpool Street, the streamlined site will accept, weigh and pay customers for their metal in a matter of minutes. Well-trained, professional staff will guide customers through the process, helping them continue with their day having been paid a competitive price for their material. The metal collected at the site will then re-enter the supply chain, reducing manufacturers’ reliance on the carbon-intensive and nature-depleting mining of virgin materials around the world.

Opening its doors this month, the site will accept materials such as:

  • Cable
  • Copper piping
  • Taps and valves
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Boilers
  • Radiators
  • And much more..

Ian Sheppard, Managing Director at EMR, said: “At EMR we are always working hard to develop new ways to better serve our customers. By creating a scaled-down site without the heavy processing machinery that you see at most of our other sites, our teams will be ready to focus on what really counts: customer experience.”

“The company is built around the needs of tradespeople and members of the public who simply want to deposit material, get paid a competitive price for it, and then continue with their days. Helping them to play their part in protecting natures resources.”

“Customers can rely on us to ensure the metal we collect at our new Salford site will be processed responsibly and re-enter the circular economy for the next generation of manufacturing or construction.”

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