Cheapest Cities to Learn to Drive: Manchester in Top 5

UKCheapest Cities to Learn to Drive: Manchester in Top 5

Being able to drive is an incredibly valuable life skill to have, but learning can be a major expense. The cost of learning to drive can vary depending on where you are in the UK, though, and the Bill Plant Driving School conducted research to determine where the most affordable cities are to learn to drive. 

Analysis from Bill Plant Driving School

The Bill Plant Driving School looked at the average amount that instructors charged as well as a few other costs to determine where the most affordable places to learn to drive are. The most affordable cities include:

  • Swansea (£23.50 for a 1-hour lesson)
  • Bristol (£28)
  • Aberdeen (£29)
  • Bradford (£29.50)
  • Manchester (£30.25)

The research also looked at where the most expensive places to drive are:

  • Brighton & Hove (£40)
  • London (£38.25)
  • Nottingham (£35.50)
  • Sheffield (£35)
  • Portsmouth (£34)

Additional Costs to Learn to Drive

Of course, it is not just the cost of a lesson that you need to consider. You will also need to pay for learner driver insurance so that you can practice outside of lessons, pay for the theory test (£23) and a provisional license (£34 online). You may then need to pay for a test car if you do not have your own can and pay for the practical test (£62 on a weekday and £75 at the weekend).

Increase in Learning Cost

Data also shows that the average hourly rate for lessons has been increasing each year for a few years and is now at £35 per hour. Of course, with just about everything else getting more expensive, this can make it hard for many people to afford to learn how to drive. 

This is why people need to know how to keep their costs down when learning to drive. It is often a lot more affordable to block-book lessons as opposed to booking just one at a time, so you should do this once you have found a tutor that you feel comfortable with. You should also practice as much as you can between lessons so that you can develop your abilities and confidence – this should reduce the number of lessons that you require. There are also online resources that you can use to help you to prepare for your test and improve your chances of passing first time. 

It is incredibly useful to be able to drive and can change your life, but it is understandable that people worry about the cost of learning to drive. With inflation so high, many people will struggle to afford the cost of lessons and the various other costs involved. There are always ways to bring your costs down, though, so hopefully, this post will be useful and help you to get behind the wheel. 

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