Labour Select  Kirith Entwistle For Bolton North East

NewsBoltonLabour Select  Kirith Entwistle For Bolton North East

Labour has selected Kirith Entwistle, as its Parliamentary Candidate for the next General Election.

Following a hustings and vote of local Labour Party members on Sunday 19th February, Kirith Entwistle won a majority of votes cast.

Kirith Entwistle said: “It is such an honour to have been selected as the Parliamentary candidate for Bolton North East.

“Bolton deserves better than this government, After 13 years of the Tories, nothing in this country seems to work anymore. The Tories have broken Britain – and they are too distracted by chaos of their own making to fix it.”

“We are five Tory Prime Ministers on and what has our country got to show for it, food prices and energy costs spiralling out of control, longer hospital waiting lists and crime through the roof.” 

A Labour Party spokesperson added: Kirith lives in Bolton North East, works in Bolton and is raising her family here. Kirith will be an outstanding local Member of Parliament, championing Bolton’s voice in Westminster.”

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