Co-Founders of Citypark Fitness, Steven Dick and Scott Agnew, Shift Focus Towards Fitness Group Education Amidst Rapid Expansion

BusinessCo-Founders of Citypark Fitness, Steven Dick and Scott Agnew, Shift Focus Towards Fitness Group Education Amidst Rapid Expansion

After an impressive eight-year tenure at the helm of Citypark Fitness, co-founders Steven Dick and Scott Agnew have taken the decision to step down from their day-to-day responsibilities, paving the way for an exciting new chapter for the renowned fitness establishment.

The dynamic duo’s departure comes as they set their sights on The Fitness Group Education Limited, a visionary initiative aimed at enriching the education of future personal trainers beyond the conventional fitness standards.

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Established in 2015 within the Citypark building in Dennistoun, Glasgow, Citypark Fitness quickly rose to success as a premier independent gym business, boasting an expansive 7,000-square-foot facility. The venture was founded by Steven Dick, Scott Agnew, and Thomas Anderson.

While their tenure at Citypark Fitness was marked by resounding achievements, both Scott and Steven recognised, with a heavy heart, the opportune moment for a transition. Steven Dick commented:  “Operating Citypark Fitness has been an immensely rewarding journey since its inception alongside Thomas and Scott. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, our pivot towards specialised services yielded remarkable success, positively impacting the lives of our members.”

Citypark Fitness continues to sustain its momentum under the leadership of Thomas Anderson, who continues to steer the ship towards new horizons in the realm of fitness within Glasgow. Steven Dick expressed unwavering confidence in the future trajectory of Citypark Fitness, stating:

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“The gym has recently employed a new gym manager, and the performance continues to be exceptionally strong with positive results and continued growth over the past two years. This will continue with Thomas leading this business, alongside Peter our gym manager and the Citypark Fitness Team with my full support.”

The inception of The Fitness Group Education in 2018 by Steven Dick and Scott Agnew was borne out of their firsthand challenges in recruiting personal trainers in Citypark Fitness. The initiative, rooted in a commitment to share their knowledge, elevate industry education and arm future personal trainers with a depth of skills beyond a standard training certificate, swiftly transcended its Glasgow origins to establish a footprint in prominent UK cities like Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, and London.

Currently, The Fitness Group Education commands a prominent role in the landscape of fitness education across the UK and around the world. Their comprehensive online courses encompass various disciplines, including personal training and sports massage, leading the Fitness Group Education to become a trusted partner of esteemed entities such as the Ministry of Defence, TRX, Strength and Conditioning Education, The PFA, My PT Hub, English League Education and many more leading organisations.

The ethos of The Fitness Group Education is centred around equipping aspiring personal trainers with a robust foundation encompassing health, fitness, and nutrition alongside lesser obvious aspects of fitness and wellness, such as emergency first aid, pre- and post-natal qualifications, mental health awareness, and leading physical activity for adolescents. 

Steven Dick reiterated the imperative of this mission, adding: “The Fitness Group Education is a leader in providing accessible education that works towards supporting personal trainers. The generations of tomorrow need to look after their own health and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurial personal trainers in a world of oversaturated specialist gyms and fitness tech.

“The Fitness Group Education that Scott and myself operate has continued its year-on-year growth, so the time is right to step away from Citypark Fitness. We have some huge, exciting projects coming up that will revitalise and skyrocket that industry standards in fitness education.”

Whilst Steven Dick and Scott Agnew embark on their new endeavours, Citypark remains intertwined with their vision. Citypark Fitness continues to deliver industry-leading features, such as state-of-the-art equipment by top gym brands Life Fitness and Jordan Fitness, female group personal training sessions, one-to-one support – and with their collaboration with The Fitness Group Education, the sky’s the limit for Citypark Fitness! 

Steven optimistically concluded: “Myself and the team at The Fitness Group Education will continue to partner with Citypark Fitness as its home in Glasgow and support the team and this will, no doubt, result in a bright and illustrious future for both organisations.” 

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