What’s a supermini car and why should you buy one?

BusinessWhat’s a supermini car and why should you buy one?

If you’re thinking of buying a new car soon, you’ve probably already noticed an almost overwhelming variety of models for sale. As fuel becomes more expensive, it’s worth looking out for ways to save money on road tax too.

Before you choose your next set of wheels, you’ll need to think about your needs. Engine and transmission type, fuel economy and exterior style are all important factors, but the size of the car is up there with the most essential things to consider.

Though small in stature, supermini cars fall among the most cost-effective and economical vehicles on the roads. We’ve explained a little bit more about superminis and the surprising benefits of owning one in this guide.

What is a supermini?

A supermini is a type of car classified by its size. Generally, it sits somewhere between a city car and a hatchback – but could be smaller. Many have three doors and only three passenger seats, but it’s possible to find supermini cars that sit four passengers and others with five doors too.

They’re not designed for high speeds or performance, but supermini cars generally deliver simple, cost-effective, and practical driving.

Going electric? There’s plenty of choice with a supermini

If you’re ready to join millions of UK drivers who’ve already made the switch to fuel-free driving, there’s plenty of choice within the supermini category. Most have been on the market for a few years now, which makes it easier to buy used cars with all-electric engines and ensure that you never need to pay for fuel or road tax.

3 of the best electric superminis

  • MINI Hatch: The MINI is one of the most famous small cars of all time. Its legacy is defined by years of cute and colourful motoring across Britain and the rest of Europe, with today’s models still reminiscent of the earliest MINI cars released in the 1960s.
    Modern renditions include some of the latest features and technologies. All-electric models are available too – and though not the most affordable, they’re certainly among the most equipped.
  • Citroën AMI: The AMI has been named as a wildcard among other class leaders, largely down to the fact that it’s not really a car. It’s technically classed as a quadricycle, meaning that a 16-year-old could drive one! The AMI also only has two seats, so it’s better suited for short commutes.
    This year, used car retailer Stellantis &You gave away a colourful Citroën AMI to a lucky winner in seven cities across the UK, including Manchester. This promotional campaign aimed to demonstrate the versatility of this car and encourage unconventional approaches to driving. Wrapped in playful one-off cityscape designs drawn by Jenni Sparks, these AMIs now stand for the age of innovation.
  • Fiat 500: The cultural importance of the Fiat 500 might’ve been feminised in recent years, but they’re more than practical enough for a two-person or two-car households. While one of you commutes or drops off the kids in the larger car, the other can run errands in something as nippy as a Fiat 500.
    The electric 500 retains the styling of the original car but has been redesigned completely. It offers an impressive lab-tested range of 199 miles too.

The bottom line

No matter if you’re a solo professional or a busy parent, a supermini could make a brilliant addition to your lineup at home. 

If it’s a Citroen AMI, 16-year-olds can take to the wheel with the correct licence type, making them invaluable for early lessons in road craft. And every supermini boasts manoeuvrability that simply can’t be achieved with a larger family hatchback or SUV, making them impressively handy for city commuting.

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