Trafford Conservatives Scrutinise HS2 Plans In Parliament

PoliticsTrafford Conservatives Scrutinise HS2 Plans In Parliament

Trafford Conservatives have taken residents’ concerns over HS2 to the heart of parliament presenting a petition on behalf of nearly 1,400 residents who want their voices to be heard.

Oliver Carroll, the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Altrincham and Sale West and Trafford Conservatives Group Leader Cllr Nathan Evans took the petition to the HS2 Select Committee.

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HS2 propose to use residential roads in Hale Barns for high volumes of Heavy Goods Vehicles during construction, which Oliver and Nathan have been determined to stop.

In July, they organised a standing-room-only public meeting attended by over 300 local residents at Hale Synagogue, and a petition submitted to Parliament was signed by nearly 1,400 residents opposed to HS2’s plans. 

Yesterday, Oliver and Nathan told MPs from the HS2 Select Committee that residents have a right to be heard against HS2’s construction traffic proposals.

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Speaking in the House of Commons, Oliver told MPs that this was the only proposed construction route proposed by HS2 which would see hundreds of HGVs going through a residential area.

Nathan added: “Trafford Council refused to walk the HS2 route with me and Hale Barns residents and refused to attend our public meeting. Residents will be directly affected – be it their health, wellbeing, and amenity of their properties. The blight on their homes has already begun, and homes are already failing to sell on the construction route.”

Following the hearing, Oliver said that they were determined to stand up for people who may agree or disagree with HS2, but who are united in opposition to the proposed construction route, adding that they would fight to defend people’s quality of life from the ridiculous, ill-thought through plans.

HS2 also appeared at the hearing, whose barrister Mr Cain Ormondroyd opposed residents’ right to be heard by the Committee. The Committee will determine whether the residents’ petition will be permitted to continue in the coming weeks. 

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