Westhoughton Town Hall ‘Lies’ Slammed

PoliticsWesthoughton Town Hall 'Lies' Slammed

Westhoughton Liberal Democrats have been slammed by Conservative councillors after they published election literature about the facade of Westhoughton Town Hall.

During the 2023 local elections, Westhoughton Lib Dems delivered leaflets claiming Westhouhgton Town Hall would see its famous red brick facade replaced with a glass front by Conservative councillors.

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The Conservative group have released a video from the council zoom meeting, which disputes the claims about a glass facade, and accuses the Lib Dems of fabricating lies about the refurbishment of the Town Hall.

Councillor Martyn Cox, Leader of the Conservative Group, said: ”Lib Dems stalling on Westhoughton Town Hall is costing time and money.”

Their false claims that the town hall frontage was going to be knocked down was a deliberate ploy to hinder for political gain the vitally important investment Westhoughton Conservatives were making in The towns most important building.”

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