VibePay to revolutionise the Payments Sector with the Introduction of Messaging for all

NewsVibePay to revolutionise the Payments Sector with the Introduction of Messaging for all

 VibePay, the innovative account to account payment platform, is excited to announce the rollout of its new feature: messaging within channels.

This groundbreaking addition not only enhances user experience but also improves the way users make and receive payments, seamlessly integrating communication and financial transactions within one channel.

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Previously, users have had to toggle between different platforms for messaging and payments, but VibePay is changing the game. Now, users can effortlessly connect with friends, family, and customers while making or receiving payments – all in one convenient place. 

Making copy and paste of bank details a thing of the past.

A key advantage of this new feature is the elimination of the need to share sensitive bank details in traditional messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Messenger. With VibePay, users can conduct secure financial transactions and communicate without compromising their privacy. Personal VibeMe links allow users to make and receive payments whilst protecting their personal banking details. This development marks a significant step forward in ensuring a safe and user-friendly environment for digital transactions.

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Allowing two-way channels between business and consumer.

VibePay recognises the growing importance of direct communication between businesses and customers. With the integration of messaging, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and sellers now have a powerful tool to engage with their customer base directly within the payment platform. This not only streamlines the customer experience but also has the potential to save businesses thousands of pounds on traditional communication platforms, such as MailChimp.

“We are excited to bring a new dimension to the world of payments with the introduction of messaging in the VibePay app,” said Chris Franklin, Chief Marketing Officer at VibePay. “This innovative feature not only makes transactions more conversational between friends and family, but also opens up exciting possibilities for businesses to connect with their customers in a more direct and cost-effective manner, speaking to them directly through individual channels.”

Key Features of VibePay’s Messaging Integration:

  • Secure Transactions: Conduct financial transactions without the need to share sensitive bank details on traditional messaging apps. 
  • Seamless Communication: Enjoy a unified platform for messaging and payments, providing a seamless user experience.
  • Direct Business-Customer Interaction: Empower SMEs and sellers to communicate directly with their customers, fostering stronger relationships.
  • Cost Savings for Businesses: Potentially save thousands on traditional communication platforms by utilising the integrated messaging feature.

The introduction of messaging within the VibePay app marks a significant milestone in the evolution of digital payments. As the payments sector continues to innovate, VibePay remains at the forefront, offering users a comprehensive and secure platform for all their financial and communication needs.

To experience the future of payments and messaging, download the latest version of the VibePay app today. For more information, visit

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