Mark Hunter Slams ‘Out of Touch’ Tories

PoliticsMark Hunter Slams 'Out of Touch' Tories

Mark Hunter, the Leader of Stockport Council, has today called out the Conservative Autumn Statement as “a massive kick in the teeth” as the Chancellor announced cuts to Council budgets this afternoon. 

Cllr Hunter, who will make an announcement on the Government’s proposals at a meeting of the Full Council, has now said that areas such as Stockport, Cheadle, Hazel Grove and Reddish have been left behind by the Conservatives.

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In his Autumn Statement, the Conservative Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt announced:

  • Exactly how this government’s mistakes have harmed our economy, with higher inflation and higher interest rates and that we are in a recession;
  • Ordinary workers will pay more in taxes as tax allowances are frozen until 2028;
  • Most households will pay more for their energy as government support is reduced;
  • Drivers of electric vehicles will be made subject to road tax; and
  • A council tax bombshell, with increases of up to 5% to pay for social care services.

Proposals by the Government to allow councils to raise more revenue through Council Tax rises have been heavily criticised.

The Liberal Democrats have said this is nothing more than the Tories asking Stockport to do more with less, meaning even more financial burden could be placed on the shoulders of local residents during the Cost of Living Crisis.

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Cllr Hunter said, “If anyone was in any doubt that Prime Minister Sunak and Chancellor Hunt did not have their best interests at heart, then today was the confirmation they needed. 

“These extra costs will make the cost of living crisis even more challenging. The Conservatives have no understanding of the hardships people are facing.

“Let’s not forget, the Conservative Government caused the mortgage market crash. They have been in power for years and we have nothing to show for it, except a crashed economy, a cost of living crisis and energy prices that only the super-rich can comfortably afford.”

Cllr Tom Morrison, Parliamentary Spokesperson for Cheadle added, “These extra costs to Stockport’s residents will be remembered. At a time when energy companies are clocking record profits, to hit our residents with these costs at a time when budgets are already stretched is heartless.

“The Conservatives have again shown themselves to be out of touch.”

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