Send The Government A Clear Message On Thursday

NewsTraffordSend The Government A Clear Message On Thursday

On Thursday, our area will be under the spotlight as we vote for our next MP.

I am standing to be Labour’s candidate because I believe our area is being held back by this incompetent Conservative government. They have crashed our economy, added £500 to our monthly mortgage payments and abandoned so many of us to face unaffordable energy bills. 

My plan for Stretford and Urmston will put household budgets first, with a Labour government rolling out the Great British energy company to get bills down and invest in our renewable energy future. I want to see a return to community policing built around the needs of residents, an NHS properly staffed and resourced, and an end to the rail chaos blighting commuters lives.

I don’t think it’s fair that people in Stretford and Urmston have had to put their life plans on hold because of mistakes made in 10 Downing Street. This by-election is our chance to send Rishi Sunak and the Conservative Party a clear message- we won’t pay for your mess.

So this Thursday, please make sure you get your coat and go and vote. If you haven’t returned your postal vote, remember you can still hand it in at your polling station!

Vote Labour to send the a Tories message this Christmas.

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