Parties Unite Against Far-Right

NewsTraffordParties Unite Against Far-Right

Local residents have raised concerns about the recent campaign activity from Britain First in Altrincham and other areas of Greater Manchester. 

The leafleting by the far-right party coincides with the recent news of refugees being placed in Hale by the Home Office. 

Trafford will soon be having an all out election, with all 3 councillors in every ward up for election, due to new boundaries.   

Local candidate and campaigner, Lewis Croden said: “In times of crisis we see opportunists who play on people’s anxieties for their own agenda.”

“The solutions to the problems the country faces is not division and hatred.

“The way forward is to face challenges head on, like we have done as a nation before, with compassion, hope, and opportunity for everyone. 

“We’ll be supporting people in the future, as we have in the past.” 

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