Chris Green Raises Concerns Over Parking Levy Proposals

PoliticsChris Green Raises Concerns Over Parking Levy Proposals

After discovering proposals for the Mayor of Greater Manchester to introduce a region wide ‘parking levy’ on businesses and organisations recently in the Gazette, Chris Green MP has spoken out in Parliament to express his opposition and concerns. 

The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham speaking at a recent Walk Ride GM event set out his ambitions to introduce a ‘parking levy’ which would effectively tax organisations and businesses that provided parking spaces for their employees.

Mr Green said: “Following the failed introduction of a region-wide charging zone on vehicles which is still under review, I am deeply concerned that the Mayor is now looking to bring in a ‘parking levy’.  

“It looks like this ‘levy’ will be imposed on every business and organisation that provided employee parking but it sounds like another tax on businesses, jobs and families.   

“With businesses still recovering from Covid and the lockdowns, now is not the time to be adding to their tax burden.” 

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