Top side hustles to start next year

BusinessTop side hustles to start next year

Given the worry we are all facing in the face of the cost-of-living crisis, many more of us are looking towards extra income streams that could supplement, rather than overtake, our main income. Online, this has popularly been referred to as a “side hustle.”

What is a side hustle?

Whereas the idea of a second job quite understandably fills most people with woe, a side hustle is generally considered to be something that you enjoy doing that also earns you a little extra cash. More often than not, this is work you can do from home and work that uses existing skills to generate income. If the idea of a side hustle appeals to you, here are a few common examples you might want to consider exploring.


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Blogging began in the early days of the internet as an excuse for people to log their personal opinions like a public diary. Today, it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry with many bloggers paid to either host paid-for content or write blogs to assist in search engine optimization practices. There is also the rise of influencer culture on social media platforms like TikTok that allow people to make money simply by being themselves and sharing what excites them. It’s a tough nut to crack, of course, but the spoils are potentially very lucrative indeed.


If you feel like you’re confident enough with a skill you could quite happily teach to another person, you could find a side hustle as a tutor. This could mean anything from tutoring kids who are looking to pass exams to teaching fledgling musicians how to play the piano or guitar. Note, however, that to teach some skills (like martial arts, for example) you will need accreditation from a respected body to do so.

Digital Arts

Thanks to websites such as Fiverr and Creativepool, many creative individuals are finding ways to make their talents pay. Here, you can sell digital artwork or promote your skills as a creative and land potential freelance jobs.

Manual work

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Everyone needs a good handyman or woman and if you feel your DIY skills are up to scratch, you might be able to earn some extra scratch by putting up a few shelves or even putting flat-packed furniture together. If you’re going to start doing serious work, however, you need to invest in some decent power tools and a good van. If you have the right industry accreditation, meanwhile, you might even be able to find work as an electrician or plumber.


Whilst feeling the world and life passing you by at your day job, you could also be thinking about any businesses you’ve been wanting to start for a while and setting up as an entrepreneur. Who knows, you might even find yourself ending up on Dragon’s Den one day soon!

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